Unfortunately, there are various misconceptions about dementia still circulating today. To effectively support those who live with this condition and to bring awareness of it to our society, here are five facts that you should know regarding dementia. From its causes to the effects it has on mental health, these facts will allow us all a more comprehensive understanding so we can be better prepared in lending help to individuals living with dementia.

1. Dementia is not a singular issue, but rather an array of signs caused by multiple illnesses and conditions that bear resemblance to one another. From Alzheimer’s Disease and vascular dementia to Lewy Body dementia or frontotemporal dementia, the list goes on.

2. Dementia has the potential to cause more than just memory loss. It can impair reasoning, problem-solving capabilities, and other higher cognitive functions as well – so even if a person’s reminiscence is unscathed, they could still suffer from dementia.

3. Approximately 40% of individuals with dementia experience depression, which is why it’s essential to be aware of the signs and indications so that the individual can acquire the necessary treatment. Unfortunately, this issue is often neglected; however, its recognition may have a positive effect on those affected by dementia.

4. Exercise is a critical element of managing dementia. Through regular physical activity, not only can one strengthen mental functioning but also potentially slow or defer its progression in some cases.

5. Dementia is a deteriorating condition that can lead to death, yet it’s essential to remember that those afflicted with dementia are still capable of living meaningful lives. With suitable care and assistance, they’re able to engage in activities such as socializing or pursuing hobbies -allowing them to live fulfilling lives despite any challenges.

Dementia is a devastating condition that affects millions of people around the world..

How Avanti Senior Living at Vision Park Helps Residents with Dementia

By understanding more about dementia, we can better provide care for those living with it. This is where Avanti Senior Living at Vision Park comes in. Our team of passionate caregivers is skillfully trained to offer the highest quality care possible for individuals living with dementia. Our mission is to create an atmosphere that supports graceful aging and provides unconditional compassion and support. For those facing this condition, our staff works diligently to allow them the opportunity to continue engaging in activities they love!

If you require additional information or support, please reach out to Avanti Senior Living at Vision Park and/or your local Alzheimer’s Association. By uniting together, we can bring forth meaningful change in the lives of individuals struggling with dementia.